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All about Ripple Systems and Ripple Receiver

Core competence of LMS Services is the Design, Manufacturing, Installation and Commissioning of turn key Ripple Systems for Load Management tasks in national grids. We offer all components, from High Voltage Transmitter RTS640 to Ripple Receiver LCR600. Our portfolio includes Repair, Maintenance as well as Training.

  • Ripple Transmitter RTS600 and RTS640 for Mid- and High Voltage Grids
  • Couplings for Mid- and High Voltage Grids
  • Local Command Units LMC610 and Command and Control Software Suite LMM700
  • Ripple Receiver Family LCR

Radio Based Load Management Solutions

In addition, LMS Services provides proven Solutions for radio-based Load Management Systems. Based on LTE, 450MHz, CDMA, Pager or long-wave radio technology we provide amongst others the LCB760 Switchbox family

Communication Modems for Advanced Meter Readout (AMR)

for Advanced Meter Readout of industrial Meters (Electricity, Gas) LMS provides relibale and easy-to-use transparent SXD Modems. The SXD Modems are operated with fix IP in GPRS, LTE and/or 450MHz networks.

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To support, protect and preserve our customers critical Infrastructure, technical expertise and reliability is a core prerequisite.

More than 40 years of experience in Load Management and Ripple Systems makes LMS Services your trustworthy partner today and tomorrow. LMS Services supports the efficient Ripple Technology and ensures the long-term availability of Maintenance and Spare Parts. Along with evolving Smart Street Lightning and Smart Metering Solutions, we develop next generation digital products and services to migrate our customers Load Management Systems into the future. 

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Our claim is to offer you the best products of the market and the best service. We value that you can rely on us, our performance and products. Driven by this claim, we continue to deepen our know-how. And are available to you quite simply for your wishes and requirements.


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