LMS Services provides a full range portfolio of intelligent LCR Ripple Control Receiver for all available Telegram-Systems.

Selflearning routines, variable callendar based switching schedules and optional Versacom programming enable precise and secure switching – even in case, Ripple Telegrams are temporarily not available.

LCR Receivers can be fitted flexibly to the individual customer use cases:

  • Realtime Clock (RTC) with supercap or battery
  • Astro-Calender for highly autonomous operations
  • Versacom Setting for individual adressing
  • Optical Interface (LCR600)
  • Pluggable EE-Proms for Parameterization and Logging (LCR600)
  • 1 to 6 variable, pluggable Relais (LCR600)
  • One Software-Tool fits all LCR Variants
  • Customer individual parameterization

The Ripple Receivers of the LCR family are highly reliable and provide felxibility for all possible usecases.

No matter which challenge our customers are facing: secure deployment in low-level grids, easy installation in difficult environments or management of renewable energy systems and streetlight control, LMS Service provides the right solution.

The LCR Ripple Receiver of LMS Services support all Ripple Control Telegrams and are therefore highly compatible with all available and ancient Ripple Control Systems (i.e. ITRON, Landis & Gyr, AEG, ABB, Schlumberger, Swistec, ANC, etc.)

LCR600 Multipurpose Receiver

  • Variable 3-point receiver 
  • 1 to 6 pluggable 25A Relays / or 1 to 4 pluggable 40A Relays
  • Optical Interface
  • EE-Proms for parameterization, Telegram and Event Logging 

    LMS Services: LCR600 Rundsteuerempfänger
    LCR600 Receiver


  • Compact 2 TE DIN Rail Receiver with 2 Relays
  • 40A Relay plus 6A Relais
  • Especially designed for Streetlighting, Heatpumps, E-Storage, E-Mobility Charging Stations. 

    LMS Services: LCR160 Rundsteuermpfänger

    LCR160 Receiver


  • DIN Rail Receiver 
  • 4x 8A Relays
  • Gold plating for low voltage contacts 5VDC
  • Especially for renewables

    LCR170 Rundsteuerempfänger - LMS Services

    LCR170 Receiver


  • Receiver for installation in lightpoles 
  • Dali Interface
  • Various Housings and Adapters
  • 2x 16A Relais

    LCR270 LCR260 

All Receiver of the LCR Family are available with Real-Time-Clock (RTC), Battery, Supercap and Astro-Calender.

The parameterization can be added during production or can be done with our unified Software-Tool: LCRSet6

Good news for receiver customers of Landis & Gyr: The recently outphased Landis Receiver models (RO, FTU, L320) can easily be replaced by the LCR Receivers.

LMS Services provides regular training for parameterization and will support to programm the correct settings.

Supported Standard Ripple Telegrams:

  • Decabit
  • EDF
  • Ricontic b
  • Ricontic s
  • RWE
  • Semagyr 50
  • Semagyr 50a
  • Semagyr 52
  • Semagyr 56
  • Telenerg
  • Versacom
  • Zellweger 60
  • Zellweger 180
  • ZPA